Many streets and avenues in the city, especially the Eyyübiye and Haliliye districts, were flooded due to heavy rains which increased the effect of the evening in the city.

In the city where traffic disruptions were recorded, teams affiliated with the General Directorate of Water and Sanitation Administration of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality (ŞUSKİ) responded to flood reports from some houses.

Following the collapse of the wall of the building where Hasan Özdemir lived in the Ahmet Yesevi district, the water accumulated in the street filled the house. The elements of the house where the teams were working to evacuate the water were damaged.

Özdemir told reporters that the water that entered his house after the wall collapsed due to rain then went to his neighbours.

On the other hand, Ömer Oturan, who was struck by lightning while on the ground in Akçakale district, was taken to hospital.

Sitting is said to be life threatening.

Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, in his post on his social media account, said they are working with their field supervisors to eliminate the negativities caused by the downpour.


In the meantime, the following statements were included in the statement made on the social media account of Şanlıurfa Governorate:

“The intensive care ward of our Şanlıurfa Eyyübiye Training and Research Hospital was hit by heavy rains and our patients who were treated in the ward were transferred to other hospitals. All necessary precautions have been taken in this regard.

In the statement of the Provincial Health Directorate, it was stated that the water level had risen in the “pediatric intensive care unit” on the 1st floor of the Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital due to heavy rains in the city.

In the statement, “Since the water level started to rise, the patients were immediately transferred to the Mehmet Akif Inan Training and Research Hospital by ambulances. No health problems were encountered during the transfer of the patient.
Water evacuation work continues in the intensive care unit. Our healthcare workers are on the lookout for any possible negativity. No aircraft were damaged in the incident,” the statement read.


Governor Ayhan, who conducted field investigations after the rain that hit the city, later attended the meeting at the Center for Coordination of Emergency and Security Situations (GAMER) where the measures taken and the work carried out in the field were evaluated.

Governor Ayhan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Şanlıurfa received the heaviest rainfall in recent years and said, “Şanlıurfa received the heaviest rainfall in recent years today and we expect it tomorrow. . The average annual rainfall in Urfa is 450 kilograms, the total rainfall in just two days is almost 150 kilograms. In March, the annual average age is 57 kilograms, only today’s precipitation is 77 kilograms, so we can see that there is a large amount of precipitation and its effect on the general life here . This also had reflections, both the fluidity of traffic being affected, the flooding of basements, certain public institutions and pennies are affected, our farmers are affected, etc. field. With all our establishments, our metropolitan municipality, the district municipalities, the roads, the DSI and all the attached units, police, gendarmerie, we are following the ground in the crisis center at the moment. We will follow him all night. ” said.

Stating that the rains are expected to continue to increase throughout the night, Governor Ayhan said they have taken a one-day break from education and training.

Ayhan, asking citizens not to leave their homes unless necessary, said: “Of course, as this rainfall increases, I can say that the settlements in the Harran region and the agricultural lands are also threatened. Our DSI and associated units are on alert. “I would like to say that it is. But we are together in all our institutions as much as we can. I can say that I will overcome this process in a healthy way and without any accidents. Of course, this rain is a mercy. This mercy can also be on those inconvenient sides. I hope we get through the inconvenient side with the least amount of trouble. We have also closed our schools tomorrow so that our fellow citizens are careful, cautious and that vehicle traffic is not too much important.” used the phrases.


Governor Ayhan said that all state institutions are on high alert and more than a thousand reports have been received from the Water and Sewerage Administration of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality (ŞUSKİ ) so far, and only 300 of them have been solved, and they aim to finish the rest in the morning.

Stating that Şanlıurfa Eyyübiye Training and Research Hospital was also affected by heavy rains, Governor Ayhan said:

“In particular, the intensive care unit of our education and research hospital in Eyyübiye was overwhelmed. He was immediately moved by a quick response. And now the basements are cleaned. We had 25 patients there, all of them were transferred to other hospitals in a healthy way, there is no negativity at the moment.

Governor Ayhan added that one person has been affected by the floods, his treatment at the hospital is continuing and his health is good.

Photo courtesy of AA.

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